Alameda County Sheriff’s officers were nicknamed “blue meanies” in the 1960s

According to my decryption of the Mt. Diablo cipher I posted here, the Alameda Sheriff’s substation “Eden township” in San Leandro was the target of the bomb of Zodiac.

You may watch this video on how Zodiac’s compass works in my decryption (select HD).

Zodiac called policemen “blue meannies” (sic) two times in the letters postmarked April 20, 1970, and March 13, 1971. Where did this nickname come from?

Daniele, a friend of mine, has found out that the Alameda County Sheriff’s officers were called “blue meanies”, like the enemies of the Beatles in “Yellow Submarine”, by protestors during the Berkeley riots in the 1960s. It was also noticed here on Voigt’s forum by user Macdanight some years ago.

Alameda Sheriff’s property

Source of the picture

The information was provided by The New York Times, on February 3, 1970:

“The Alameda County Sheriff’s forces have seen duty at these demonstrations and picked up the nickname “the Blue Meanies” from Berkeley radicals.” Source

These policemen are the same who received a money aid from Napa citizens in a ceremony held just in the Eden Township substation in San Leandro after their incrimination for civil rights violation, in March 1970 (The Napa Register, March 24, 1970).

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